Monday, February 27, 2012

Landscape Design - What's Hot this Spring in 2012

Now that the Oscar's are over, spring is just around the corner and if you want to be ahead of the curve on what's hot and what's not for this spring in landscape design, look no further. According to Ivan Katz, of Southeast Michigan’s Great Lakes Landscape Design, the trends are in and they focus on socializing and relaxation. Here are the top five trends you will see this spring in home landscape design.

1) Open patios are IN, Enclosed decks are OUT:

2012 is all about seamless integration from your patio to your backyard. With expansive views and natural stones and pavers adding an organic feel to your patio and connect your experience to nature. Open and wide, various texture and shape design techniques can play up color while seamlessly tying your patio and your home together.

2) Green Design is IN: Recycle, Restore, Reuse!

Planting more trees, shrubs and flowers helps the environment and adds life to you outdoor living spaces. Recycling household items are a great way to create planters, garden art and sectioning off areas of your garden. Incorporating bamboo fencing and other recycled materials like cinder blocks, are a great way to expand your gardens, pathways and outdoor rooms while keeping mother nature happy.

3) Game courts are IN:

Inspired by the "staycation" and the desire to spend more active time with family and friends, outdoor game courts, from basketball to tennis courts, to shuffleboard, bocce ball and horseshoes, these game courts offer activities to engage in with your loved ones.

4) Outdoor kitchens are IN (even though they are outside):

Building a cooking station with a grill, prep area, refrigeration option and a bar are great ways to bring the concept of entertaining others to the outdoors. And who doesn't love to grill during the summer? It's part of the fabric of this country as an American pastime. Please check out our partner www.PatioOutfitters.net for all of your grilling, kitchen and outdoor patio needs.

5) Built In Custom Fire Pits are IN:

This is obviously a good notion for us since we build and manufacture custom fire pits and outdoor burning systems for a living, but the trend shows that built in fire pits are a hot commodity this spring. Nothing says communal gathering and conversation quite like a fire pit. Sitting under the moon, roasting s'mores and chatting with your friends and family brings relaxation and good company to it's finest. Also, installing a fire pit in your backyard helps add a centerpiece of attention and gathering all while allowing you to extend the time you spend outdoors as even when the nights become a little chillier, you will stay warm by the flame of the fire pit.

So there you have it, the top 5 spring landscape design ideas for 2012. And if you are in the market to upgrade your backyard entertainment experience, be sure to check us out online or call today! 1-877-556-5255

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