Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Choose the Right Fire Pit for Your Backyard

There are several factors involved in deciding which custom fire pit is best for your backyard patio or outdoor living room. Below are several considerations:

1) Choose the best fire pit type for your backyard: ie: built-in, prefabricated or a portable design.

2) How the size of your fire pit would fit in the space available; how many guests you expect to entertain; what is the height and arrangement of your outdoor seating?

3) The differences between a fire pit and an outdoor fireplace, and which is the most suitable choice for your outdoor living space.

4) Weighing the pros and cons of the various fire pit fuel options, including gas, propane, wood and ethanol. We here at Warming Trends highly recommend a natural gas or propane burning system which does not expel harmful smoke, ash and embers into the air effecting your neighbors and the environment.

5) Determining the best location for your fire pit, considering such factors as convenience, layout of space and fire code safety.

6) Determining the best size for your fire pit, depending on how many people you plan to accommodate and the room you'll need for outdoor seating and traffic flow.

7) How building codes may impact where you can locate your fire pit as well as when you can use it and what types of wood you can burn. Again, many local ordinances are placing wood burning restrictions in most neighborhoods nationwide.

8) The cost ranges for various types of fire pits and how to choose the right style for your budget.

9) Selecting a finishing material for your fire pit that ties in with your patio and the materials on the exterior of your home. Faux stone, real stone, stucco, etc.

10) Choosing fire pit fill materials that are both decorative and heat absorbent, such as lava rock, concrete gas logs, steel logs, or fire glass.

11) How fuel costs will impact the overall cost of operating your fire pit. Our crossfire burning system only consumes half the fuel of a traditional fire ring while producing twice the flame.

Because of these considerations and the amount of different fire pit designs, be sure to consult your local landscape designer for planning, advice and expertise. If you have any questions regarding which fire pit is right for you, feel free to contact us at any time with questions and we'll be happy to help. Call us today at 1-877-556-5255.

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