Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Custom Linear Fire Pit with Blackened Steel Finish

Innovative Fire and Light, out of Brick, New Jersey, recently installed this beautiful custom linear Crossfire Burner in a home on 74th Street in New York City.

60" Linear 180K BTU Crossfire Burner

The fire feature is a 60" linear 180K BTU Crossfire Burner with custom fabricated blackened steel for the finished look.

60" Linear 180K BTU Crossfire Burner

We think it's beautiful and Innovative Fire and Light uses Warming Trends outdoor fire pit burners exclusively and we thank them for that. For more examples of the great work that Innovative Fire and Light does, please visit our portfolio page.

60" Linear 180K BTU Crossfire Burner

If you are a home or business owner, contractor, landscape designer, builder or architect, please visit us online to learn more about why the Crossfire Burning System is a superior product compared to traditional fire ring, or you can watch this short video:

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Polo Reserve Country Club Uses Warming Trends Crossfire Burners

Polo Reserve - Littleton, CO

The Polo Reserve in Littleton, Colorado recently did an upgrade to their landscape and installed Warming Trends fire pits and fire bowls along with our Crossfire Burner systems on their majestic polo grounds.

Polo Reserve - Littleton, CO

The Polo Reserve is home to the nation's largest charitable polo tournament and is celebrating their 27th year this June.

"The Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic is three days of entertainment, sport, and culinary delights with all proceeds benefiting local children’s charities." The three day event features silent auctions, complimentary food and beverages from some of Denver's top restaurants, children's activities and the main event, three days of world class polo play culminating in the championship on the final day.

Polo Reserve - Littleton, CO

Here's a little more information regarding the event.

We feel if an exclusive world class club like the Polo Reserve thinks that Warming Trends fire features are good enough for them, we feel our products are good enough for you. Along with the Polo Reserve, we have had the pleasure of providing fire pits for Steamboat Springs Ski Resort, Winter Park Ski Resort, Hilton Hotels across the country, Las Vegas resorts, the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort and numerous bars and restaurants around the country.

So when you are in the need of a high end fire feature without the high end cost, please visit us online or call today. 1-877-556-5255.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Custom Fire Pit Covers and Fire Pit Screens

Buffed Aluminum Rectangular Fire Pit Cover with Satin Finish

Do you need to cover your fire pit to protect it from the elements when it's not in use? We always suggest that one covers their fire pit when it's not aflame. It's always a good idea to protect your fire pit from the weather and prolong the life of your burning system and value of your investment. Dust, debris, leaves, water, snow, etc. can enter the system and disrupt the ignition, valves and orifices of the fire pit burner itself.

Buffed Aluminum Circular Fire Pit Cover with Satin Finish

We can custom build you a fire pit cover based on your dimensional needs. Our buffed aluminum fire pit covers come with a satin finish, handles and will help prolong the quality of your outdoor fire pit. We can make them in virtually any shape and size and have the ability to put sidewalls on them at an additional cost.

Buffed Aluminum Fire Pit Cover with Side Walls

Another option is our hand spun circular copper domes which patina well in the weather and will look great on a rustic OR contemporary fire pit. These copper lids can either be set directly over the fire pit to protect it when NOT in use, and/or they come with a removable copper bracket where the dome sits above the flame while IN use and helps disperse heat. Available in 27" or 31" diameters, these domes are an aesthetically pleasing alternative cover serving dual uses. We also carry these style lids in aluminum but they are NOT to be used the same as the copper domes, and NOT when the fire pit is in use.

Copper Dome

We also carry standard vinyl fire pit covers if you are looking for a less expensive and sexy look, but want to cover your fire pit with something.

If you are looking to protect your fire pit from children, falling leaves, debris from the wind or more, we carry circular and square fire pit screens to suit such as purpose as well. Take the inside diameter and add 2" to each side. The fire pit screen will sit on the flat ledge (Coping) and you are going to want it to sit in at least two inches on each side. For example, if you have a fire pit that has an inside diameter of 36", add two inches to each side and this would make the fire pit screen 40". 36"+2"+2"=40". This is just a suggestion, but this formula works good.

Custom Square Fire Pit Screen

So if you are in the market for a fire pit cover, look no further, we have plenty of options to met your needs and budget. Please visit us online, or call today. 1-877-556-5255.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Copper Olympic Torch Fire Pit

Copper Olympic Torch

Copper Olympic Torch Fire Pits have a nice modern look and are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional fire pit. The hand spun copper dome comes with a manual light, 60K BTU Crossfire Burner and copper lid.

Copper Olympic Torch

The Copper Torch differs from a tiki torch because it produces multiple flames via the crossfire burner system. You'll get much more flame action out of the Copper Olympic Torch than a tiki torch.

It differs from a fire pit in that you can place it up as a mantle-style fire feature or move it around your outdoor living space because of it's lightweight design.

Copper Olympic Torch with Copper Lid

If you are interested in bringing a beautiful flame to your backyard, patio or garden, please visit us online or call today. 1-877-556-5255.

Monday, April 7, 2014

We Have A New Line of Fireplace Doors in Store

Elegance I Design Style

Warming Trends now carries a new and extensive line of fireplace doors for your interior or exterior fireplace.

Rustica Design Style Cabinet Arched

From rustic wrought iron arched gates, to classic and industrial designs, these hand crafted artistic options are sure to match your current fireplace aesthetics. Each door design is custom made to reflect your sense of style and meet your needs for safety and price. Available for both gas and wood burning fireplaces, our fireplace doors can specifically be customized with detailed iron work that includes: Handles, Colors and Textures, Vent panels, Iron finishes and more!

Here are a few examples, for more, please visit us online.

Industrial Iron Design Style

Mission I Design Style Heritage

Old World Design Style with Rectangular Top & Bottom Old world Panels

Not only do we carry fireplace doors, but we have the best fireplace insert on the market with our Crossfire Burner System. You will achieve twice the flame while consuming half the fuel of a traditional fire ring system.

Crossfire Burner Insert

Crossfire Burner Insert

So when you are in the need for fireplace inserts, doors, log kits or other fireplace or fire pit media, please visit us online or call today. 1-877-556-5255.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fire Pit Media - The Options for a Variety of Fire Pit Styles

When finishing your fire pit, there are many different options of fire media which can accent the style of your fire feature.

Fire Beads

Aqua Blue Luster Fire Beads

Fire Beads are a nice finishing addition for a contemporary feel for your fire pit and makes for a nice alternative to more traditional fire glass. The luminous glow will enhance the flame as it dances and reflects from the glow. Each bead is approximately 1/2" in width for a uniform feel.

Fire Glass

Premium Gold Fire Glass

Fire Glass gives you a modern feel to your fire pit as opposed to the more earthy feel that lava rock or fire stone provides. Available in a multitude of colors, size and reflective properties, fire glass is a great way to bring your fire pit into the 21 century. If you are unsure as to how much fire glass you will need to cover your burner, feel free to use our fire glass calculator.

Fire Glass

Fire Stones & Lava Rock

Fire Stones

Fire Stones bring a more organic and natural feel to your fire pit. These stones are made from the same high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material used in the making of gas logs. Why this is important, is that if you were to put regular river rocks in your fire pit, they could explode from the naturally porous foundation and air bubbles that river rocks inherently possess.

Fire Stones

Black Volcanic Lava Rock

Lava Rock offers a more rustic and natural feel for finishing your fire pit. Usually available in red or black and 1"-1 1/2" size, they are sold in 40-50lb. bags. Red lava rock can also be purchased in 4"-6" diameter sizes as well. Another alternative, as seen above, is the large black volcanic rock which is 4"-6" in diameter.

Volcanic Lava Rock - Genesse, CO

Fire Logs

Country Oak Deluxe Log Kit

Fire Log Kits are great to help disperse heat and add another dimension of natural appeal to your fire pit. There are the traditional ceramic based fire log kits which come in a variety of styles and footprints to cover the specific size of your fire pit.

Oak Steel Log Kit

Oak Steel Log Kits are another option for log kits as they are durable and can be bolted down if necessary. They make great protection on your fire pit investment if you are a bar, restaurant or resort and may have some unruly or intoxicated guests at times. They also disperse heat because they are hand made steel. Another bonus to Oak Steel Logs are that because they are hand cut and welded right here at Warming Trends headquarters, that we can custom make them to fit any fire pit. See below.

College Inn Bar & Grill - Denver, CO

When you are need of some fire pit media, please visit us online or call today. 1-877-556-5255.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Fireplace Insert On the Market

Below is a short video comparing a traditional fireplace insert and a Warming Trends Crossfire Burner fireplace insert.

You can see how much brighter, taller and realistic looking the Crossfire Burner flame is compared to the former unit.

Crossfire Burner Fireplace Insert

Here are a couple more examples of fireplaces with a Crossfire Burner.

Crossfire Burner Fireplace Insert

Crossfire Burner Fireplace Insert

And finally, here is an interior fireplace insert we did for a hotel in Nebraska.

So if you are in the market for a fireplace and are shopping around for the right insert, please visit us online or call today. 1-877-556-5255.