Friday, August 28, 2015

Nic On 5th

image credit:  Brandon Stengel www.farmkidstudios.com
image credit:  Brandon Stengel  www.farmkidstudios.com
image credit:  Brandon Stengel  www.farmkidstudios.com
image credit:  Brandon Stengel  www.farmkidstudios.com
image credit:  Brandon Stengel  www.farmkidstudios.com

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Happy Customer

Another happy customer after they replaced their steel ring burner with a Warming Trends Crossfire Brass Burner

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brunson Builders Fire Pit

Lovely photos and testimonial from a Warming Trends Dealers in FL, Brunson Builders

Lovely photos from a Warming Trends Dealers in FL, Brunson Builders

Here is the finish product on the 72" pit I got from you. Turned out great. Thought you may like to see it.
-Richard Brunson

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Customers Enjoying Crossfire Brass Burner

60K LP BTU Crossfire Brass Burner

Customers enjoying their 60K LP BTU Crossfire Brass Burner
with Lava Rock and hand-made Steel Log Set

Monday, August 3, 2015

Very Happy Customer

Hi Craig,
Hey I just wanted to thank you for sending that key next day. My plumber was hooking it up that day and needed to key to turn it on and test the system. UPS delivered it just before he was finished and ready to test so it worked out great! We've been using the firepit every night since we got it hooked up and are loving it!

Awesome Craig! Thank you for the great service!

Hi DJ,
Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome product! I had my plumber lined up to Hook everything up the day after I got it and it looks and works great. We have used it every night since we got it hooked up and are loving it! My kids have even turned off the tv to come out and sit by it for several hours the past few nights, so I'm loving that. Also we had a group of friends over last night and they all loved it! The only downside I see to this awesome firepit is my gas bill at the end of month. ��

I've attached a photo so you could see how it turned out. I am a DIY guy and have built my patio myself and take a lot of pride in my work. I feel like this crossfire burner is a nice compliment to my firepit and patio. I'm thrilled with it and just wanted to thank Warming Trends for making an awesome product that I am proud to show off.